Elite Team

The Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World squad creates a platform for athletes to develop into professional cyclists and community leaders. Above and Beyond Cancer, Bike World, Grey Dog Media, Borah Teamwear, Oakley and other valued supporters have partnered with this USA Cycling domestic elite team to grow talent in Midwest cycling.

What we do

Our team provides riders with a high level of support to help them develop and grow into elite and professional cyclists. Support comes in many forms including mentorship, coaching, equipment, travel and more.

Our racing schedule has a Midwestern base, but is shifting to include more elite-level events on the national stage.

2021 Roster

U25 Elite

Pavle Kalaba

Specialty: All Arounder
USAC Road Category: 1
Residence: Serbia

Pavle comes to us from Serbia, but is working towards a degree down at Midwestern University in Texas

Grant Simonds

Specialty: Punchy Climbs
USAC Road Category: 1
Residence: Park City, UT

Racing out of Park City, UT, Grant has knack for being at the front when the road heads skyward.

Torbjørn Røed

Specialty: TT/Gravel Endurance
USAC Road Category: 1
Residence: Asker, Norway

"Toby" to us, Norwegian powerhouse Torbjørn has a serious engine under the hood. Splitting time between his studies at Colorado Mesa and native Norway, we look forward to seeing him push the limits at big stages and endurance races.

Adam Schwendt

Specialty: Climbing
USAC Road Category: 1
Residence: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Adam comes to the team from Slovakia, with a fierce competitive running background. Looking to prove his talents on the bike, he splits his time between training in Colorado Springs and studying for his Masters degree in experimental medicine at McGill University in Québec City.

Brendan Cowley

Residence: BC

Campbell Parrish

Specialty: Gravel, CX, MTB
USAC Road Category: 1
Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia

Sindre Hvesser Brein

Specialty: Sprinting
USAC Road Category: 1
Residence: Vøyenenga, Norway

Classmate of our teammate Torbjorn at Colorado Mesa, Sindre is also another fellow Norwegian. While racing for Team Ringerikskraft overseas, Sindre packs a powerful sprint on any soil. Look for him in the next lead-out train.

Thomas Carey

Specialty: 1
Residence: Virginia


Adam Ventling

Specialty: All Arounder
Board Position: Vice President & Marketing Manager
USAC Road Category: 1
Residence: Clive, IA

Adam is a former NCAA D1 basketball forward, and later an elite triathlete. His explosive power and physical size make him an automatic bid for any group sprint, with a penchant for grinding competitors down over grueling breakaways.

Brenden Hardy

Specialty: All Arounder
Board Position: Accountant
USAC Road Category: 1
Residence: Iowa

Brenden's racing acumen is far ahead of the curve with his ability to be in the right place at the right time - every time. A combination of power, tactics, and guts will put this 'Rouleur' at the top of the finish results time and time again.

Randy Reichardt

Specialty: Sprinter / All arounder
Board Position: President
USAC Road Category: 1
Residence: Des Moines

Randy's years of full-time training and racing in Colorado shine through in the toughest moments of any race. He has a true sprinting pedigree with a specialty in 'closing the deal'. Randy is an A+BC team trump-card of sorts - get him to an open lane in sight of the finish and the 'W' is in the bag.

Matt Usborne

USAC Road Category: 1
Residence: West Vancouver, BC

Hayden Warner

USAC Road Category: 2
Residence: Iowa City, Iowa

Scrubs-wearing urology resident by day, lycra-clad racing specialist by night. Hayden has the brains and the brawn to be at the front of the race, every time.

Jude Sands

USAC Road Category: 1
Residence: Ireland

Living in Vancouver BC, but hailing from across the pond, Jude brings a strong sprint and the luck of the Irish!

Timmy Bauer

USAC Road Category: 1
Residence: Placerville, California

Think this is for you?

We accept applications to join the team each fall. Watch our social media pages for the announcement to request an application. Hit our contact page up if you have an inquiry too hot to wait. Each year we evaluate our resources and roster to create the most potent well supported team possible.